Monday, January 21, 2013

Fun with The Mitten

Two weeks ago we read The Mitten. The class seemed to really enjoy the book!  By Wednesday we compared Jan Brett's version with another version that came with the old Waterford computer program our school used to have.  This book made them laugh and probably because it was a little more cartoonish.  It favored the behaviors and cartoon style of Bugs Bunny.

To finish up the week we reenacted the book!  This proved to be so much fun I had to YELL to give the commands.  It was a madhouse!  But from the smile you see they were having loads of fun.  I took 2 long sheets of butcher paper and taped them together.  Then I passed out enlarged copies of the animals from Jan Brett's book. Those who didn't get an animal "held" the mitten in place and made it easier for the kids to crawl in.  (The mitten actually looked more like a tube but they didn't care!)

After all the animals were in I asked the bear to sneeze...and hello!

All the animals (kids) broke through the paper.  Shortly thereafter they all danced away on top of the mitten because of the sound it made.  Such fun!


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