Monday, February 18, 2013

100th Day Fun

So this post may be a little late for most of you but I'm hoping it can inspire those of you who still have a 100th day to come or maybe for next year!

Our 100th day started off with a fun little entryway for them!

That gum ball machine on the door was a fun little activity we actually never got to.  I was going to kick off counting by 5s by having each child add 5 bingo marker dots to equal 100. (Yes, I'm still at 20 to 1 - so lucky!)  I kept it up for a week afterwords hoping every day we'd get to it but them I had a workshop in my classroom and I didn't want unfinished work up and in view of all the teachers so I took it down. If you teach kindergarten you know that counting by 5s is a 1st grade standard so I usually hold off until I know they have a good grasp of counting by 10s and 1s.  I probably carry the counting to 1s too far since the common core standard says they only need to count to 20 but I'd like them to at least get to 50 comfortably. I spend this last term practicing the counting of 5s and 2s in preparation for 1st.

Once they were all settled in I read "The Wolf's Chicken Stew" by Keiko Kasza.  I LOVE this book. The end just melts my heart!  The wolf is trying to fatten up the chicken for a tastier stew so he brings her 100 baked things each day to her house.  Then the day he decides she should be plump enough to eat he gets a sweet surprise!

Next we prepared to go outside and do a kindergarten-wide PE of 100 things!  The kids had SOOOO much fun!  We have 9 kindergarten classes, YES 9.  We are all at 20 to 1 so that is a total of 180 students in kindergarten alone.  All schools in our local community are this big so as you can imagine there are a LOAD of kids in the neighborhood!

Each teacher took 1 station and we had a parent volunteer help us with the 10th station.  At each station the kids performed an activity 10 times.  The end result was doing 100 things!  We had a checkoff list as well for the kids to wear around their necks.  Once they completed a station the teacher marked it off and they moved on to the next station of their choice.  Here's the different activities they did:

Station 1: make 10 baskets
 The only problem with this station is it took WAY too long.  We needed more basketball hoops. So next year we are going to use laundry baskets and smaller balls.  Hopefully that will relieve the lines on this one!

Station 2: jump over a rope 10 times

Station 3: do 10 push ups

Station 4: do 10 sit ups

Station 5: do 10 jumping jacks (Yikes!  the only station I didn't get a picture of!)

Station 6: run for 10 seconds

Station 7: throw and catch a bean bag 10 times

Station 8: hula hoop obstacle - step/walk/run through 10 hoops laid on the floor (but obviously we only had 5 hoops so 5 more had to be drawn in chalk!)

Station 9: bounce a ball 10 times

Station 10: hop on 1 foot 10 times

Once all this fun was done it was time for recess!  This took us a good hour.

After recess I set up stations and for next year I've decided I won't do stations.  They LOVED it but not having any aide and no parents being able to come help really made stations difficult for me.  I had to explain everything before I sent them off and that took up WAY too much time.  Then while they were busy working I had to run from station to station to help kids out.  Never again without help!!!  To top it off, most couldn't even get through 2 stations by the end of the day.  We finished up our activities the next day and whatever they didn't get to they could take home.

Here is what the different stations were:

Draw what you would eat 100 of...

Fruit Loop necklaces!

Here is some of the kids who actually were able to finish the day of...
I ask them to count by color then use the separator numbers to thread them on.

Write/draw on a mock $100 bill - If I had $100 I would buy...

Color in the objects then count them up.  They equal 100!

By far the hardest one...write you name over and over on a blank 100 chart then color each letter of your name a different color and watch how the pattern develops!

Make a hat using 100 stickers! We didn't have time to make them look like crowns but they LOVED the wiggly stems of the hat.

Lastly, we also had write numbers to 100 in 100 hearts. But again another activity I didn't get a picture of!

All in all it was a fantastically fun day for kids and the teachers!  

Teacher Student Loan Forgiveness

My pictures just won't seem to load onto blogger this morning so while I'm figuring that out here is an amazing post I saw last week and just HAD to share!

Hojo's Teaching Adventure made a GREAT post on teacher student loan forgiveness last week.  I'm going to work on getting some "forgiveness" this week all because of this post!  Click on the link below to see what she had to say...and the comments too!  There were more great suggestions there too!

Hojo's Student Loan Forgiveness Post