Thursday, August 23, 2012

Transition Music Giveaway

Mrs. Lirette at Mrs. Lirette's Learning Detectives is having a super incredible giveaway!  I entered it but as soon as I post I'm headed over to TpT to buy it...I just can't wait!  If I do win then I'll raffle off my copy.

I know I've been MIA for almost a month now.  I'm sure you're all well aware of why...beginning of the school year!  My son started preschool too and boy was that emotional!  He cried as I left and that just broke my heart.  Being on the other side really changes perspective!  We begin the year with a mini parent orientation in our classroom the day school starts and I told my parents all about it.  They laughed WITH me as I assured them I knew what they were going through if their child cried.  lol

So with all that behind me I've resolved to start blogging again this weekend!

Anyhoo, the point of THIS post was to inform you all of the giveaway.  You GOTTA go.  It's going to make my class add a bit of fun!  Here it is once again:

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Hurry! It's a Giveaway!

Hurry, hurry!!!! 
Before today is over head over to Learning in Spain for an amazing clipart giveaway!

I have been busy getting my classroom ready this week.  From the buzz I see online so have all the other teachers out there!  School begins on Tuesday for me and I have been working as hard as I can on my classroom.  I'll post pics as soon as its finished (hopefully that's tomorrow!)

Good luck on the giveaway!