Sunday, October 7, 2012

Christopher Columbus and my first TpT product!

Hello everyone! This week I am going to be teaching all about Christopher Columbus and I have a few fun things planned.  As I mentioned before I am working on my national board certification so that means I will be videotaping myself this entire week!  I'm actually looking forward to what I'll be seeing.  What is working?  What can I tweak?  What needs improvement?   

This national board entry focuses on how I integrate social studies with the arts. I hope I am meeting that requirement!  As soon as I click post I'll be double checking those standards and rubric to make sure I covered it all.

I only have a 30 minute time slot for Social Studies so it will seem short and simple but hopefully it will work!  So after finding LOTS of ideas from Mrs. Larremore at the ChalkTalk blog here is what we've got planned for the week:

Read a book about Christopher Columbus and make a chart about what they learned.

Review their chart yesterday and discuss what is an explorer?  Read Horace and Morris but Mostly Delores to learn about exploration and make a chart: "An explorer is..." (This is my first TpT product!)

Review previous 2 days charts and complete the "If I were an explorer" prompt. Begin making boats.

Mrs. Larremore found this photo from Academy at Thousand Oaks

Finish making boats and make hats and telescopes. Cut out finger puppets (if time).
These hats are from Dr. Jean

And the telescopes are from DLTK

Cut out the finger puppets from Lil Country Kindergarten and reenact the voyage! 

AND for science we are going to try the coke floats sink or float activity from Kim Adsit

Friday is looking like it will be a very fun day!  What kid wouldn't want ice cream to end their day at school?!

Lastly head over to my store on TeachersPayTeachers website and pick up my very first freebie If I were an explorer writing paper!  I also posted a mini-poster of the In 1492 poem if you'd like to pick that up as well!  Have a great week teaching!


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